Juin 2023

La prestation Aquatic-Cleaner est proposée au marché mondial avec nos partenaires techniques et nos distributeurs commerciaux.


Nous serons ravie de vous proposer nos services adaptés à vos besoins.


Aquatic-Cleaner become a PÔLE MER Méditéranée member's.

Thank you to them   


Aquatic-Cleaner's technology is now supporting by B.P.I. FRANCE who support innovative Start-up.   



We are glad to share with you that the Technology

AC-20 have been built and tested in the real condition with the good result.


This success will engage the Aquatic-Cleaner's technology in the industrial stage and sustainable market.


However, as all Major Project we still need your support and thank you for that.


AQUATIC-CLEANER / Algae test in Singapore  MBS reservoir, Last week, the A-C's Team recovered the water sample to test our capability to pickup Algae pollution.

Today we are happy to share the good result with you




The testing performed with our membranes revealed the capacities to recover the small size Algae (from5u) with a good efficiency from the automatic cleaner system. 

Thank you to PUB Singapore to their precious collaboration.


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